A10 It’s an Inside Job

When we realise that the road to contentment is not by achievement or external validation....we are on the right path

It’s an Inside Job

Finding the inner peace, harmony and an appropriate way of thinking, requires one to discern between temporary and permanent, and thus external and internal. The purpose of this section is just a play on words to reflect the importance of being present and awake to the option provided by internal focus and attention. Thus, the name.

As this internal awareness increases, the Ego - who i think i am - in all its forms diminishes, and is seen for what it is.

To your Ego, it’s an inside job - a “crime against the EGO, committed by, or with the aid of, a person employed or previously under its control, by the up-to-now victim humangee. "


The EGO has been allowed to reign for too long….

There is now the opportunity to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat

Help your humangee do an inside job.

2 key concepts to progress......
1. being present and awake
2. true self enquiry