This is a book for self enquirers


It appears that a very high proportion of human device owners are not enjoying their fantastic device. That's because most don't really understand it and what its for, or how to use it.


So, this book is targeted at "custodians," who may have already had reasonable exposure to a range of personal development, motivational, positive thinking, success driven material, as well as standard personal reflection.

It is also suitable, geared to, aligned, and targeted to those with a spiritual mindset.

Realising that much of the material  in this area can be quite heavy, it attempts to keep the language as tangible as possible

To the author, it is fundamentally important that the material and recommendations are based on practical experience, on verifiable facts where possible, and clearly relevant for todays 21st century world dweller.

The potential reader probably wants to make a positive change, and keen to evolve not just for themselves, but for others too. They know that there is more, but are just not sure where

    and how to access it?

There is a technical theme to the first section of the book, to help explain the parallels between our mobile device and our

    body-mind device.

There are articles and observations on how the device operates based on accumulated, distilled philosophical observations and assessment.


This book and website is intended to share the universal teachings and observations collated through practical philosophy, and in particular the aspects shared by the previous head of the school in Ireland, the late Shane Mulhall. He was a great teacher, a wise, entertaining, caring, giving, responsible, present-living and loving humangee, who truly walked his talk.


From the book….

As humans, we are all allocated a piece of equipment, the Humangee. This manual seeks to help understand that device—less in the physical sense and more in the mental and software aspects, which ultimately control the instrument.


We start with the position that you are a custodian for the device, attempting to provide an objective view of the human use of mind in its environment. However, this relationship and description will evolve as you move through the manual, and the more subtle aspects of the software and being will become better understood over time.


This manual aims to enable you, the custodian, to better:

  • understand your full device and mind.

  • gain clarity on your position on earth and in the human version of time.

  • contextualize common misconceptions.

  • gain clarity on natural laws.

  • understand prevailing paradigms of life through exploring helpful ideas and terminology.

  • unlock concepts that your device knows inherently.

  • discover and use practical tools to assist your device in daily living.

  • supplement other self-help books, podcasts, blogs, apps, and videos.


In doing so, this manual is intended to enable that life to be appreciated and enjoyed.

If you resolve to take appropriate action on even some of the recommendations, as a result of this self enquiry, you will find your life uplifted, sustainably, for the better, forever.