Author Bio..

Frank Sharkey is the scribe of Humangee 101 - a light hearted look at what makes the human device operate. 
He is a life student of practical philosophy, with a career in technology, product development and management. 
As a product nerd, he sees the human product as an output of natural processes. An evolved animal, with a core natural operating system.

The product has hardware and software aspects and components, and is capable of interacting in a networked environment. It is a trainable and self teaching device, that has real intelligence, as opposed to the artificial sort. 


Inspired by one of his early teachers, he chooses to model the human software and applications based on tried and tested philosophic principles - in order to deliver a usable product manual for human instrument custodians. 

A guide to assist us humans enjoy and make the most of the hand we have been dealt in life and access aspects that are available to us, but we don't seem to understand.

He and his wife Geraldine live in Belfast, Northern Ireland and have 3 adult-children. (or 3 children-adults)