A manual for living

There is a lot of information about how we could and should live a good life.  With humangee, the aspiration is to concentrate it, simplify it into a simple manual, and make it digestible, or easy to read, absorb and to action those aspects that resonate with us.

A central aspect is the ability to see reality. To be awake, and fully present. This paves the way for the other aspects.

In exploring the present moment, we will find in more detail, what it is, and why it is so important. 

It should help us realise the difference between a life that is not lived in the present, and one that is. 

We may even learn what causes us to leave the present, and how we can bring it to mind whenever we choose.

To help you appreciate  the nature of the manual, there are some articles on this site, and  these will be added to on an ongoing basis.

There is also the option of downloading

Humangee Junior - which is a shorter abridged overview providing a clear flavour of the main book. 

It provides high level insights and is intended as an introduction or for a younger reader.