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What is humangee?

Humangee....... is an acronym


The book and articles position humangee as a humanoid device, that we all get to take care of. It could be compared with a piece of familiar technology like a smart phone, tablet or laptop PC. There are useful parallels between the 2 types of devices that allow us to consider how we might manage our human differently.


Humangee likes pictures to help explain and remember some fundamental internal laws on which we should be absolutely clear, if we are to live true to our inner self.

This website is to compliment a book called Humangee 101. It serves a number of functions:

1. To provide additional resources to support the              book

2. To poke and encourage you into self-enquiry

3. To help you look at yourself in a different way and          from a detached perspective

4. To provide additional articles that may be of some         interest, clarification or use.

5. To help you realise and uncover a more contented         and fulfilled life.


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